f One Hundred & Eighty Eight.


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One Hundred & Eighty Eight.

May 3, 2010 /


Because my sixth sense seldom fails on me..
Because i've always been pretty good
in knowing the situation before anyone admits it..
because i don't wna be the fool agn.

so, i guess i'll just take a step back before it's too late;
unless you'll tell me that I'm wrong.
because if you say so,
I will believe.
I will..

but if i'm right, i'd rather you tell me now.
I'm trying very hard to not pin any hope at all,
but somehow, the lil' voice inside me is telling me otherwise.
somehow, it tells me that it may not be
how I'm picturing it to be.
so am i right or am i wrong?

my eyes are so tired & my head is splitting agn.
gta wake by 545am because my driving starts at 645am.
yes, because of circuit.
im heading to bed.
i need to. nights.

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