f One Hundred & Seventy Three.


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One Hundred & Seventy Three.

April 14, 2010 / ,


As I was saying on Twitter,

_shinekoh says,

"The pressure to lose more weight just because the other models ard me are way skinnier sucks.
I am not skinny, but am I wrong to think that I'm not fat? I just believed tt I don't have to look anorexic-ly thin to look good. Period. :)"

I can eat a lot.
My family & good friends can verify that.
But they too, know that I exercise too.
& when I really wish to lose additional pounds,
I'll just watch my diet,
& not to NOT eat at all, or to survive on apples or whichever crazy diet.

P.S but of course, I do envy friends who eat a lot, & dont exercise,
yet can remain very slim. I must admit, lucky them! ;p

People, anorexia KILLS.
Don't ruin your body,
the beautiful you.
Time to shoot that straight into your mind pls.

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