f One Hundred & Eighty Five.


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One Hundred & Eighty Five.

April 29, 2010 /


Maybe it doesn't really matter
if you wear your heart on your sleeve,
or if you guard it with all your might;
because in the end,
everyone's gna get hurt.

finally, a breather from the hell week.
I slept for 3 hrs the night before
(or rather the mrng before, cause i only slept at 7+am?)
& then ytd i slept for 2 hours.
So its a total of 5 for two days!
but the thing is,
what's wrong with my body system man,

I think it's cause of this miraculously splendid discovery.
I have finally found my best energy booster
aka the keep-me-awake-source.


McCafe's Cappucino, medium sized to be exact!
It has been proven to work really well for me on two occasions alr!
tried it for the first time on last Sunday.
i'm really amazed by it's effect. hahahah.
psychological? maybe. ;p

okay, other than this,
ive been drinking chicken essence diligently daily.
hahah its funny how i used to hate the taste,
& pinch my nose to drink it whenever Im forced to.
Oh, Ive also had my second red bull
of my entire 21 yrs (OKAY, 20++) of life.

my friends are claiming/scolding/saying that I'm crazy & I am robotic & I seem like I dont need to slp. hahah. So, here, I've shared my secret recipe for this sem's examination. but the thing is, all these were only discovered/consumed for this period of time.
But ive been slping v lil' all along, w/o any caffeine or chicken essence leh!

in any case, I still have one more paper next week.
7th may.. SEVENTH. torturous or what??!
Olivia's songs are so gna be repeated ten thousand times for the whole of the week! ;>

anw i realised i dont have much to blog abt,
just here to blog for the sake of blogging ;p

in any case, the very first para,
is exactly what im kinda feeling now..

that aside,
I realized I have photoshoots in plan for the next 3 wkns at least,
& internship starts right after exams, on 10th May.
now, can July come quick so that I can finally have my holidays?
I really wna meet my friends :(

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