f One Hundred & Sixty Two.


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One Hundred & Sixty Two.

April 2, 2010 /

-image: anditslove.tumblr

"I’ve found that the more you try to impress other people,
the less impressive you become.
The cooler you attempt to look,
the more foolish you seem.

The more knowledge you boast about,
the more ignorant you come off.

However, when you find that niche in your personality
you can become comfortable;
if you can roll with it and be happy,
you’ll grow to be confident and sincere.
You realize you don’t have to prove yourself
to other people and for that,
they will respect you.

And you gained their respect through
being and respecting your own person.
Once you appreciate all the wondrous things
you can do independently,
people will gravitate to that self confidence
and maybe, after improving yourself,
someone will be inspired,
and grow into their own person, too. "


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