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One Hundred & Fifty Nine.

March 27, 2010 /

ive said enough, not gna rant any more spiteful words.
not in this blog of mine.

anyhow, will be doing Isetan Fashion Show tmr (27th Mar), 2nd Apr & 3rd Apr.
Had 2 days of 4 hours fitting each on Tues & Wed.
tiring to the max, but it was worth it i guess :)
knew a bunch of lovely & pretty ladies too!
Will be doing the 4.30pm show tmr, at Isetan Shaw House.
You can drop by if you're ard town!
All of us hafta reach at 730am.
Hope I can slp early tonight!

Not exactly in a good mood yet,
Will update more agn,
til then. bye!

P.S SNOWY IS SWEET MUCH. she specially passed me a pack of cookies to cheer me up :)
& the latest uploaded photo album MUAHHAAH (Y)

it's really the simplest & smallest things that never fail to make me smile :)

"There may be many things in life tt make it hard for you to smile;
but through all you see, all the rain & all the pain,
you have to keep your sense of humor and keep on smiling.
Even if you're not okay at all, fake it.
Fake it til it's okay.
Fake it all til it becomes real agn."

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