f One Hundred & Twenty Seven.


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One Hundred & Twenty Seven.

February 8, 2010 /

I SWEAR THE NUFFNANG AD which shows the breathe.sg thingy, that lady with lotsa piercings, scared the hell outta me. not because of her piercings la. just tt i was wondering why my blog sudd got this woman's face. zzzzz.........

anw anw, had a splendid wkn!
phu for both Fri & Sat night.
okay enough of fun.
shall get back on track.
Study. yea? study........

anw, I feel so happy for my good frns in TMS,
the 2 happy man! hahahah.
They were hesitating so much whether to show some courage to ask the ladies that they were dying to ask out for vday.

im so gna get my matchmaker fees okay. :)

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