f One Hundred & Twenty Five. aka RANTRANTRANT.


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One Hundred & Twenty Five. aka RANTRANTRANT.

February 5, 2010 /


"You thrive on activity, but today brings almost too much for you to handle!
It's one of those days when you wish you were still in bed every few hours or so,
but you can handle it all with a smile."

How true.

Schedule for tdy (Friday):
School; Home; Photoshoot; meeting TMS peeps at late night.

Interview for AA205's iCEE project;
meetup with my khakis..... FINALLY? :(
the last time I saw them was when they specially came down to support me for TMS.
they are my happy pills,
I need them to stay motivated. :)

anw, it's like I havent even meet up with my closest frns for eons even for a simple meal.. let alone stepping into town. I'VE NOT SHOPPED FOR A SINGLE CNY STUFF AT ALL. lucky for me I've got my pretty clothes from thevoguelab already!

-photoshoot. gna, hafta miss llab10's carnival. ohwell.

I'm damn tired. Literally, Tired To The Max.
Accumulated shag-ness since last Friday's trip.
No chance to catch up on sleep at all.
But I really needa ketchup on all the previous topics covered for the past 4 weeks.
I need to start reading the endless stacks/piles of notes & the thick textbookS.

Ohya, & I continued my driving lessons again(finally.)
on top of that, im giving tuition lessons again too.

& I won't have my holidays til late July.
because after exams in May comes the Professional Attachment.
Just gna pray hard that I can get into a good company,
with nice colleagues/bosses,
& good pay?
& I'm expecting myself to learn new stuff & gain from the attachment. :)

"Time is what we want most, but what we use worst."

okayokay gna continue with my presentation slides for 205.
of course, I will survive this sem.
Im still motivated to do well this sem,
despite the previous 2 shitty semesters' results.
I still have 3 more sems to go.
ain't gna give up, never. :)

Time check: 5.01am. 4hours of sleep left.

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