f One Hundred & Thirty Three.


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One Hundred & Thirty Three.

February 15, 2010 /


& if you would notice,

Some things; some words; some songs;
some places; some movies; some lyrics;
they may mean a lot to you,
& bits & pieces of memories just flash back to you occasionally,
anywhr, anytime.

on the other hand, they actually meant nothing to him/her/them.
not anymore, or perhaps,
never were.
& they would have forgotten about them.

&, the thing is,
this works vice versa.

so, at the end of the day,
what you see/think/feel,
are more often than not,
not the same as the others around you.

never assume, that they must been feeling
"the same way as I do."

Just remember,
& always bear in mind that,
Assumption kills.

P.S. not an emo post, just a gentle reminder to everyone. :)
  1. In army terms: ASSUME = making an ASS of U & ME

    True that. You got lots of 真理 here man!

  2. hahahah ive heard of the ASSUME thingy in NS! ;D