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One Hundred & Twenty.

January 22, 2010 /

Teens Model Search Finals is overrrr. :(
It took place on Tuesday, 19th Jan.

Am glad to be able to say that, I was lucky to clinch the 2nd Runner Up & Miss Eco-Friendly Awards. :)

Results are as follow:
TMS Champions: Deborah Yeo (F9) & Zechariah Koh (M2)
1st Runner Up:
Christabelle Peh (F2) & Robin Khoo (M8)

2nd Runner Up
: Shine Koh (F6) & Shawn Lee (M5)

Subsidiary Awards
Most Popular:
Wong Xueli (F3) SNOWY!! :)

Originally Him/Her:
Queena Lee (F10) & Jared Arnold (M10)

Mr/Miss Congeniality
: Deborah Yeo (F9) & Zechariah Koh (M2)

Mr/Miss Intelligient:
Queena Lee (F10) & Robin Khoo (M8)

Mr/Miss Photogenic:
Marisa Ong (F1) & Zechariah Koh (M2)

Mr/Miss Eco-Friendly:
Shine Koh (F6) & Shawn Lee (M5)
[yup! we got the same 2 awards! :)]

I really wna thank my loves, & my dear friends..
The ones who came all the way down to Marina Square to support & shout for me!
You know I was really really very happy to see all of you!
It really made a huge difference!!

My loves: Min; Ting; Jesley. :) :) :)
MARI!!; Jeong!!; Paige!!; Edmund!; Zk!; Tyc!; Chunho!; Pennie!; Seeinn!; Bryant; Spencer; Eunice!(tho I didnt get to see you sweetie!); Nelson; James; Christina; Sylvester; Kelvin; Joseph; & all the others who supported me! :)
Thank you so so much.

& also! to my dear friends who were unable to make it,
but gave me all the luck through sms & FB,
I really appreciated every single msg/comment left! :)
I'm a really lucky girl to have all your well wishes!!

& & &, of course, my family members. :)
My favourite photo taken for the whole night,
was none other than the one taken with Mummee & Sis.
Dad couldnt make it due to work..
Cant deny my disappointment.
Nevertheless, I'm really glad to be able to make them proud of me! :)

This journey, has been nothing but wonderful & splendid for me.
Having made so many nice friends,
esp people who are beautiful/handsome inside out.
I would say, that this was the best takeaway from this competition.
& the prizes won, were the bonus instead. :)

Beautiful memories shall stay;
& this is only the beginning for us all.
lotsa opportunities await us (hopefully? ;p).
It's time for us to move on,
& get back to our lives,
be it school/work.
But let us just try,
as much as possible,
to fork up some time occasionally to meet up okie?! :)

Will upload the photos another day.
Really need to get back to school work.
Lotsa to KETCHUP on. :)
see you guys on Sat!

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