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One Hundred & Seventeen.

January 13, 2010 /


it's important to always classify the things we wish to buy into needs or wants. at least, to me, I feel that it is necessary because I don't have the capability to just buy any item that I want to. So, by grouping them into the respective category, it somehow helps me in prioritizing where to spend my money on!

okay so here's my list now:

NEEDS: (not in chronological order)
  • organizer
  • pens
  • pencil case
  • watch
  • SLIPPERS (I lost one of the sides........)
  • eye-makeup remover
  • swimsuit
  • textbooks
  • contact lense for next month onwards

    WANTS: (not in chronological order
  • new specs
  • name cards holder!!
  • nike backpack
  • makeup brushes
  • eye cream
  • crumpler
  • small vintage bag
  • BIG PHOTO ALBUMs (one for my princess Kaitlyn's growing up journey; the other to keep all my photos that accompanied me all these years, esp the nball photos)
  • & i cant think of any more at the moment

in fact,
they are no expensive/branded stuff in any of the wants/needs! (okay, crumpler is like the most exp item in the lists now)

& I really hope to clear my needs-list ASAP........ :(

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