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One Hundred & Two.

December 19, 2009 /

Hmmm let's see.. a quick update!

  1. Headed to Fairmont Hotel on 14th Dec to attend Raffles Design Institute's Graduation Fashion Show (LOUD) tgt with Dawn.Y & Mr T. Hmmm maybe he just randomly asked me to join them?
    Anw Dawn is really sweet & friendly as usual :)

  2. Subway TVC Wrap Party @ The Reel Thing Office. Was a good chilling out session. Had free fortune telling session too. E's wife is really good at it!! :)

    At the end of the day, C, YY & I literally RAN ALL THE WAY to the train station to catch the last train;


The Silver Medalist at Sea Games 2009 (Judo)!

3. gna have photoshoot on Sat(tdy) with the same guys who did the Muay Thai shoot. Looking fwd to it! :) this time, it's gna be indoor!

Time check: 4.01am. SLEEP NOW!!

P.S Anw, I'm tanned/red/burnt from the Inter-Hall & Inter-School Nball games!

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