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One Hundred.

December 13, 2009 /

I realised I havent blogged a proper post for a LONG TIME!!

well wassup for me since the end of exams?!!
I've been busy..
but busy with what?
I honestly dont really know. hahah its like,
all the small things/events pieced tgt.

driving lessons took up much of my holidays..
& I'm taking my TP very very very soon.
on Xmas eve.
If you dont see my ULTRA EXCITED STATUS on FB & Twitter,
then you shld know what happens.
so pls,
dont ask me abt it & dont attempt to console me..
sry, but Im just not that confident abt it!
okay, actually, im slightly more confident than before.
thr was a period of time whr I was REALLY demoralized to the max
& regretted taking up the driving lessons!
hhahahaha okay,
pls pls pls lemme pass on my very first TP!!!!!!
but seriously, anth can happen on that day...........

you know what?
I TURNED TWENTY on 11th Dec!

& this yr, I spent it tgt with my beloved khakis. :)
ting is overseas, but I rcved special love from her with her sweet card!
I just feel really relaxed, comfortable, genuinely happy & glad whenever I'm with them.
It's like, a nice feeling which comes naturally without fail.
I feel blessed to have them. :)
Anyway, Jesley!
I listened to the voice clips recorded,
most of the times, we were TALKING abt the MTV characters/other craps
while singing!! can hear a lot of your comments!! ;D


my khakis!!

Les :)

Imitating Da-Lang in Hi, My Sweetheart.

tt's the retarded Shan for you

:) :) :)

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