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One Hundred & Eight.

December 31, 2009 / ,

Hello! it's the last day of 2009!
what's going through your mind right now?
positive or negative things?

for me, 2009 was relatively better than 2008 aka the shit year,
nevertheless, I went through lots & lots of ups & downs.
but then agn, who doesn't?
if you wna go emo abt how shitty your year has been,
seriously, there are so many ppl who are far worse off.
it's good to think back,
note your mistakes made & learn from them,
mark down the experiences,
rmbr the memories.
but ultimately, you hafta look forward.

& before we start jotting down our new year's resolutions for 2010,
let's just rmbr one simple thing,
that is, to be realistic.
& most importantly,
MAY 2010 BE A GREAT YR FOR US ALL!!!!!! :)

okie, change of topic!
thks so much for your votes!!!!!
Finals will be held on 19th Jan, 7pm @ Marina Square!!
Come down & support okie?!

So, on 29th dec(tues),
we had our photoshoot!
First it was video filming at FluxPhotography,
then we headed to OldChangiHospital(OCH) for photoshoot.
will upload photos soon!
But actually, they are all in FB alr :)

In short, it was a fun albeit tiring day.
definitely felt great knowing this bunch of fun-loving new frns!
looking forward to more fun with them in january!

& then ytd, JoJo, Zk & I headed to Sentosa.
v last min, but we were really steady!
the sun made me feel so much better.
I concluded that sun therapy works for me!

& next, it was a crazycrazy night!
but i really had a good laugh!
thks buddy ong & frns, for the fun night :)

&, Buddy Ong, you always manage to make me feel better.
always ard without fail. :)
& I can never thank you enough.
11yrs, & still counting!

& this, was what he said:

Joey says (4:51 PM):
u ask me whether u should stay home or go out what. i gave u the best answer u can get
and then u said u're already staying home

SHANSHINE! says, even if it's going wrong. says (4:51 PM):
dont act yi ge professional

Joey says (4:51 PM):
oh comeon....

SHANSHINE! says, even if it's going wrong. says (4:52 PM):
hahah i say i wna stay home because of my niece not cause i wna emo or what shit!
but i iwll head out la most prob
ahya assuarance assurance i always need assurance
so you can just say
you shld head out!

Joey says (4:53 PM):
why so insecure?
i think i need buy u a lock

SHANSHINE! says, even if it's going wrong. says (4:53 PM):
yes pls!

Joey says (4:53 PM):
and then dump the key into pacific ocean
for u will feel secured forever

Joey says (4:55 PM):
hang it ard ur neck

SHANSHINE! says, even if it's going wrong. says (4:56 PM):
your pet ah?

Joey says (4:57 PM):
well at least ur secured
i know what

SHANSHINE! says, even if it's going wrong. says (4:57 PM):

Joey says (4:57 PM):
u buy a small lil lock
Joey says (4:58 PM):
and out a chain thru it and wear it like a necklace
then pass the key to your bf

SHANSHINE! says, even if it's going wrong. says (4:58 PM):
you watch too much dramas laaaaa

on a heavier note,
im not angry with you,
but im very disappointed.
& sad.
doesnt feel right somehow..

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