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Ninety Nine.

December 6, 2009 /

Ytd I talked to someone abt you, abt us.
it triggered some thoughts.. it has been almost 9 mths..
Ive gotten over it, & Ive moved on.
But, I cant deny that tinge of feelings/thoughts
that still run through my mind sometimes.
okay, often. but, its unavoidable right?

I loved you, & in fact, I still do miss you.
But I guess it stops thr, nothing more.
Because i know that im just another frn to you now,
no more feelings & nth more;
because I know that we are simply different,
or at least, we seem to set a mindset that we're different.

Im closing this chapter finally.
(seriously, when is the last time ever the last?
I always say its gna be the last time, apparently it usually dont end up as the last.
but this time, im gna make sure it's really the last..)
in fact it shld have ended 8 mths ago.

I'm locking & securing this memory right in my heart.
because you're still someone special & important to me.
& I know, we can still be the good frns we used to be.

I'm gna embark on my new journey, I will.
Because the best way to love is to love like you have never been hurt.

sometimes you may be afraid to take the step
& is unsure of the future;
but you know very well that it needs to be taken or you can't move forward.

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