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One Hundred & Five.

December 25, 2009 /


I may not be a Christian; I may not know much about
Christmas, the stories behind & everything,
I like this happy & joyous kinda feeling, the feeling of spreading the joy around,
& I love seeing everyone immersed in this jolly season mood!

May your days be sparkled with faith, hope, joy & love. :)

Oh ya, the other day, I baked cookies,
for sis to give to her colleagues.

Cornflakes & Oats cookies.
Love it! ;D

Anyhow, my throat hurts like MAD now.
it has been a week alr!
getting WORSE now. seriously.
plus cough plus a nose(full) of mucus.
couldnt slp well at all for the past few days.
Which means I havent been able to gym/jog for a long time alr!

hatehatehate this weak feeling.
I wna sweat it out in the sun!
Had the urge to go jogging
under the hot sun just now,
but I resisted because I'm still feeling really *#(%&#*&%.

not feeling very well now,
shall go slp!

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