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Seventy Nine.

November 1, 2009 /

An hour ago, while I was eating my late dinner @ the living room,
I asked Mummee to help me to take a pack of Garlic Chilli
(leftover from Macs Supper the day before ytd)
from the fridge.
After 3mins, she was still trying to find it,
then she finally asked,
"where's the chilli?!"
I told her, "near the eggs LA"
then, she walked out of the kitchen with a pack of garlic chilli
& exclaimed(in Mandarin of course),

I only found this one leh.
But thr's no GARLIC picture on it?
Not this right?!
this one only has a chilli on it"

& then my sis & I Laughed Out Loud literally.
hahah, tt's my cute Mummee for you.

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