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Ninety One.

November 18, 2009 /

Lemme ask you a qn:

When you see something extremely beautiful,
would you prefer to enjoy every moment of it,
looking and admiring it til it's gone,cause you'd rather indulge in that very moment.
or would you prefer to take a quick glance & then quickly dig for the camera to snap a picture of it,
cause you prefer to have sth concrete to look back at?

For me, I'd be stuck btw these 2 choices.

Sometimes, you dont need photos, to have the beautiful memories.
because, it's all in there, in your heart.
If it's such an importance scene, it'd definitely remain as part of you,
w/o any 'evidence'. So all you should do, is to just enjoy every single of that moment.
Because that real-time experience, you may never get that same feeling as that very moment agn.

But then agn,
sometimes, a picture speaks a thousand words. A picture paints many beautiful colours.
It 'secures' some form of memories for you to look back at, to smile at whenever you take a look at it.

So, what's your choice?
  1. i think right.. the uncertainty or rarity of something adds to its beauty !