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November 29, 2009 / ,

I wrote this sometime back in May, on Mothers' Day:

(I dont care how cliche this may seem, i dont care how others may laugh at me for posting this, i dont care what others may think. I just know that she, is my greatest love.)

Mummee Dearest,

We know we've been through so so much tgt.
The hardships, the troubles, the worries, the sorrows.
No doubt they led to so much tears, or even quarrels.
But it's also due to these that we've experienced,
that made us even closer, that strengthened our bond even further.
That made me realize even more, how much you mean to me.
That made me believe that as long as we stay close tgt,
we can overcome & conquer any obstacle coming our way.
That made me determined to give you a good life,
which you've never been able to enjoy for these 20+ yrs.

I love how we always hold hands, whenever we go,
even if it's just a short trip to the NTUC.
I love how you hold on to me, for support.
I love how you'll always cook my favourite dishes,
whenever i feel like having them.
I love how you've always believed in me,
no matter how low morale i get.
I love how you make me smile, & make me laugh whole-heartedly.
I love how you've never pressurized me,
in studies or other issues.
I love how you always tolerate my
mood swings, my temper, my ventings.
I can go on forever on all the things that I love abt you, Mummee.

You know, how it hurts me, whenever I touch & feel your hands,
the pair of rough hands,
which signifies all the hardwork & tough life,
that you've been through for 20+ yrs.
Which clearly shows how you've never spent on yourself,
to pamper yourself for 20+yrs.
Spa, Facial, Massage, Manicures, Makeups, Branded Goods, Condos, Cars, Credit Cards, Overseas Trips.
None of these belongs to your category.
& I know, you'll never yearn for them.
But Mummee, gimme a few more years.
I promise I'll give you a life that you totally deserve.

Health, is what worries me most.
One after another..
It must have been hard on you, I know..
& you still hafta work now, standing for 5 hours straight.
& sometimes even up to 8 hours.
how can your legs take this strain any further?
I really really pray tt GuanYinNiangNiang will bless you..
& not torture you any further..

Mummee, I Love You.
I love you every single day.
You're my best lover ever,
for no one will ever utd me like you do,
no one will tolerate me like you do,
no one will care for me like you do,
most importantly,
no one loves me like you do.

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