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Sixty Seven.

October 4, 2009 /

you know what you know what?!

tdy marks the end of my recess week!!!!!!!!!which didnt even feltel like recess week to begin with.

currently, i've 4 projects on hand.
apparently, this whole week, i met up with nobody except my proj mates.
have been so busy the whole week with projs, tuition, casting, the NK Hairworks photoshoot & i dont know what.
all I know is, I didnt get to stay at home for a single full day.
the only day I finally got to relax at home was tdy,
& it wasnt even one whole day. reached home @ 5+pm.
(i'll tell you what I did tdy, later part)

this was how i spent my last night for this recess week:
dinner; immediately dozed off on sofa for an hr; cycled to buy BBtea+roti prata;
bathed; online.

boring? you're so wrong. this is the kinda life I really enjoy at times.HAHAH you know how I love staying at home.
im a super home-y person, if you dont alr know.

Life's simple pleasures.(cant emphasize any further how I love this phrase)

somehow, I feel really fortunate just to be able to do these simple things,
such as:

going to the market in the mrng with Mummee,
dozing off on sofa,
sitting in front of the TV,
enjoying a plate of fruits with yoghurt,
snacking on my rice crackers,
going for my jogs,
sipping BB tea,
reading storybooks, mags,
cooking dinner tgt with her,
my ideal perfect Sunday.
I've not been able to enjoy such times for a v long time..
& for all I know, coming Sunday there's canvassing event:
Car Washing for CURL'10,
& then wedding dinner at night.
& another wedding dinner the following Sunday.

sometimes, it's just the simplest things
that we cant afford to have the time to do
& often, we tend to overlook the simple things in our lives.
simplicity, is what im trying to highlight

OH! i did meet up with my khakis, Min & Jesley, + Ahbei!
albeit it being a short 1+ hr meetup.
& what did we do?
they are my laughing pills, no doubt.
helped me de-stress!
but ironically, we are the depressed gang.

aunty shine & AUNTY SEAH

Ahbei, the hardworking bee

Jesley, my BBtea khaki too!


& ytd, I met my dear girl, Paige, aka les partner,
@ the Velocity Ad casting. :)
I really hope you've been taking care of yourself & eating well..
I know your bf takes really gd care of you,
but you must take gd care of yourself too aye!!

as for what I did tdy,okie I headed down to Toni & Guy @ Heeren,
to let them have a look at my hair,
to see if it's "do-able" for their Hairshow this coming Thurs.
But sad thing is,
the red that I have currently, makes it diff to bring out the colour
that they wanted for the theme,
even if they re-dye my hair.. :(
it'll definitely be great to be able to be their hair model!!
sucha pity.nevertheless, they took down my details for future opportunities,
& even offered to tone down my hair colour for me.
really nice of them.!
But I didnt, cause I had already planned to head down to NK Hairworks
for my treatment & removal of the fake nails..
sucha pity agn!
hopefully I'll get to work with them soon :)

anw, Kevin(from NK) told me abt this grand event @ Taka
coming up in Jan 2010.. EXCITED!
hope all goes well & I'll still be involved for the show. ;p
okiedokie. off to do some research now!
busybusy week ahead agn!

anw, as I may not be blogging much,
you can follow me on Twitter. ;p
where I always shoutout random comments & random updates!

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