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Fifty Seven.

September 9, 2009 /

im gna stop myself from coming online just wasted 2 precious hours that could have been used for studying............

tdy's 090909. LOMANTIC, i like!

anw yesyes I'm in BOB head aka mushroom head now
cause Im helping out as a model for some hair showcase,
thks to Christina who asked me :)
her frn was looking for short hair model.
hair not dyed & highlighted yet
anw my ever so flat hair looked so damn volumised due to the magic of hairdryer
& the skillful hands of the hairstylist! (Y)
okie shall attempt to study NOW NOW NOW
despite the fact tt its 830-1830 lesson tmr,
i just dont feel like slpingggg

damn i caught the flu bug
go away plssssss
ohyes before i go,
check this out:

okay signing off with my new look. Thr you go.
Stage 1:

Stage 2:
even shorter...........

*to save you from dying from laughter, im not gna post the most classic front view of the mushroom head. til now, only ting & min managed to see it HAHAH.

Stage 3:
To be updated.

okay dont laugh too hard pls.
i actually like this new hairstyle! ;D

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