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Fifty Nine.

September 19, 2009 /

From Pleasefindthis:

The Meaning Of It

I've tried to say it a thousand different ways.
I've tried twisting the words inside out and doubling them back over onto themselves.
I've tried coming up with words in different languages,
because maybe they have words for this thing (I couldn't say what it is)
that we're missing in this one.
I've tried saying the same words over and over again
in hopes that this time they'll mean what I want them to mean.
I've tried writing it down and spelling it out
and stressing each syllable across intercontinental static.
I've filled up pages and pages of paper with what I'm trying to say,
but never with what I mean to say.

Maybe it annoyed you in the end. Maybe I should just stop.

- Loren Barnes

Wow. I like this a lot, somehow.
I could relate myself to that very well.
'could" means past. past tense.

The Frozen Heart Of A Comet

You became what you thought everyone wanted you to be.
But that's not who you are.
And that's who I wish you were.

From Someonefoundthis:
(they are actually linked. The latter one was filled with submitted entries from ppl all ard the world chosen by the author who wrote for the former. They actually sent some/all of us an email to submit entries.. Of course I didnt cause Im definitely not up to that standard ;p)

One day the memory of your face will fade into a technicolor swirl,
but your voice will still haunt the inside of my ear,
and those three words- no matter whispered, said or shouted-
will still bring me to my knees every single time.

-Nicholas Lee

I don't think you love someone until you find out they love you,
and when people fall in love
it's because they are both finding out at the same time, little by little.
But it's like the chicken and the egg;
someone had to love someone first somehow.

I love you.

- Luke Perine
nono, no emo pls!
just that these are a few of my favourites
& I felt that they were beautifully written
& well-descriped.

what do you think? :)
  1. i like the last one

  2. The last one is not by Nada Tasler, but by Luke Perine. Check it out.