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Fifty Eight.

September 12, 2009 /

Okay i'm giving tuition now..............
Currently dying of fluuuuuuuu.
sore throat + blocked nose...............

ytd was of great fun!
been long since I laughed so hard & felt so good. :)

First up was kbox-ing for Jeong's birthday celebration.
Jojo & I managed to bluff Jeong
& she really thought I was not heading thr anymore.
So when I appeared with a small cake in hand,
she looked stunned!
Dear, hope you had fun with us!!
I know you were damn zzz for the loss of your phone though..
You don't hafta curse the person who kope-d your phone ytd okay,
leave the cursing to me.
HAHAH cause you shouldn't curse on your bday!

Then, rushed off to KNC.
Although I brought my trng stuff along,
decided not to train cause my nose was seriously killing me.
So I could only watch them train..
Have not been training for more than a month.
I need to get my stamina & strength back!
No doubt I've been going for my jogs constantly,
but those are definitely not gna be enough.
I think I'll literally die for the next trng.........

Anw, it was Happy Coaches' Day for our 3 coaches.
We made the T shirts for them which goes like this,

Front: I'm a Llabten Coach
Back: And my players love me.

The mini celebration ended off with splashing of sparkling juice,
smashing of cakes,
pouring of water.

Hope the coaches like our gifts for them!!

Highlight of the day came!
We had a surprise for the Exclusives' Sept Babies.
That is.........
Our very own BBQ @ the CARPARK!!
we had our BBQ Pit set up with...

had all the utensils, charcoal, wire guaze & everything ready.
Plus packed-away food from the famous Old Airport Rd Hawker Centre:
Oyster Egg; Char Kway Tiao; Carrot Cake(Black + White); Hokkien Mee; Satay; Sugar Cane Juice.
BBQ-ed food: Honey Chicken wings; Satay; LALA(Clams); Crabsticks; Hotdogs; Marshmallows.

All the Exclusives were present, except Char & Cheer.
So there were 10 of us ytd night. :)
Excusives always do the most retarded stuff,
with Sam, the Drater, around especially.
But we've never failed to have lotsa fun.
With them ard, we do ALL sorts of crazy things.
Trust me, ALL SORTS.
More to come!

okay busy weekend, busy week ahead.
anw! I'm not doing the Hair Showcase on Mon already!
Due to last min change.
Will be doing a photoshoot @ end of Sept instead,
most prolly.. & hopefully!

kay pictures to be up soon.
take care ppl!

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