f Fifty two.


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Fifty two.

August 27, 2009 /

weak. feeling damn weak nw. hate this feeling. didnt go to sch ytd & tdy.. headed to bed at 11pm on Tues. woke up on wed mrng feeling damn giddy & weak. slept the whole of wed away. waking up a number of times reply to smses, & also to eat/drink sth cause i thought it may help in regaining some energy. ended up vomitting them out. didnt even bathe. this mrng, woke up feeling v nauseatic still. finally got out of bed at 3+pm. supposed to attend this private event with James @ Ion. thought i'll feel better. bathed & spammed makeup on, cause i look really pale. left home to head to Ion. & then almost fainted at hse downstairs. headed back home. feeling bad now to ps at this v last min. really wish to go for the event with him too.. super guilty now.. but also feeling v giddy. gg back to slp now. hate this weak feeling. byebye ppl. pls take gd care & cherish your gd health. eat well rest well & most imptly, SLEEP WELL dont be like me

back frm clinic. scary max.. was trying to eat dinner just now. sudd hands went numb. stiff. couldnt move at all. head went numb too. blood couldnt circulate. couldnt speak properly. couldnt control my tongue at all. for ten mins or so. finally went to see doc. he said dehydration and electrolyte imbalance due to that. stomach got wind. asked me to avoid milk coffee tea milo. drank milk ytd night in fact. just took med. gna slp now. i wna recover by tmr. nights

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