f Fifty Three.


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Fifty Three.

August 28, 2009 /

could i have stepped on dirty things when i went for my jog on mon night?
it's the seventh mth..............
i've never fallen so sick before. never felt so weak before. giddyness for three continuous days already. feeling slightly better tdy, no longer as weak. but still, giddy.

im lagging behind for sch work. plus ive not been able to give tuition lessons for my two students. plus i cancelled my driving lesson, & yes i still had to pay for it despite cancelling it. parents wanted to send me to ttsh ytd night but i refused, for i fear those tubes being poked into me. yes, coward me. this mrng mummee wanted me to go Apex clinic but i refused because seeing doc for the second time means more money to be spent. yes, stubborn me.

spinning head still. lost 2kg in 3 days.
despite drinking damn lots of water ever since ytd night & eating lots of bread and sweet potatoes and porridge to replenish energy.
Health is Gold. period.

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