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Fifty Four.

August 31, 2009 /


you have no idea how damn happy i am to have recovered
& to be fit & healthy all over agn!
GOSH. that was sure a scary incident & torturous three days!
once agn i hate hate super hate the weak feeling!
i love to be energetic like always and smile all i wna!!
okay i sound like a 15yr old kid.
but at this moment,
im just glad to be fit & healthy once more. :)
cherish your health. Health is GOLD, period.

hahahah. okay & yes, to add on,
im happy because i finally dreamt of silly c.ong after she left for a mth ++..
cheryl & chunho were like,
"why do you wna drm of her?!!!!!!!!"
but im seriously thinking......
why not?!
ive been waiting for her to appear in my drm seriously.
hahah. the fact that she left so suddenly,
appearing in my drm feels like a closure to me at least..

ANW, i dreamt of myself teaching her Maths. HAHAH
as funny as it seems, but,
that was what I always did way back in our lower sec. days..
yes. familiar.. just so familiar.
& that is why,
i woke up on Sat, with a sweet smile. :)

okay my uni mates are heading to BKK in Dec..
sigh sigh as much as i wna go..
it's 90% chance i wont be able to.
sucha pity.. much fun gna be missed.
it'll be much of an experience for me,
the frog in the well.
but its okay, i hafta place my priorities for spending money on..

long day tmr.
but im how glad to be able to rtn to pulau NTU!

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