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Thirty Three.

July 7, 2009 /

Paige & I got into MSI 09's finals.. :)
MSI stands for MissSporeInt'l..
Yupyup.. so coming Sunday, 12th Jul
will be the photoshoot.
& then there will be certain classes after which..

What i like abt this pageant, which is organised by SporeWomenAssociation,
is that the main cause is for charity events :)
Which means I'll get to do community services!!
not too sure abt the rest of the details yet..
Final will be on 15th Aug!
Will update more once i know more..

& coming Sun afternoon, will be heading to Cosplay Event
@ Downtown East with Dawn.Y, Mr T,
& my lovely 3 girls!! :)
I think I'll be seeing JingJing 5 6! times this week!
Mon-Thurs, Sat & Sun!
FSA, our second home. HAHAH!
& seriously, WHAT TO WEAR......
COSPLAY LEH................... i dont have a single piece related to that!!

& so tdy, met Mr J at Westmall,
for my free treat. **
& had a real gd laugh.......
Over the noob SAF card's photo!
HAHAHHAAH. seriously,
Ive seen so many frns who dont look like the one in their cards,
but his was the ultimate CLASSIC one!!

in any case, cliche agn, but really, wna thk him. :)
HAHAHHAH. pollute my innocent mind pls.

hmmm. Mummee's in hosp now..
i doubt i can fall aslp tonight,
but i'll try.
Gna find her first thing in the mrng tmr!!
dont wry, everything will be alright..
So will I okay!
So pls dont come ask me if im okay..
but still thks for the intended concern. :)

just help me, by praying hard tgt wimme alright?
thanks, love to all. :)

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