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//Edited: Forty.

July 14, 2009 /

hey frns, just pardon me if i sounded hostile these few days..

but pls, whenever i say that i just need time alone, i meant it.
stop insisting that i shld talk to someone
& then keep calling & msging non-stop.

pls, dont be a smart alec & stubbornly want it to be done YOUR WAY.
not everybody has the same thinking..
& the way all of us handle our emotions are DIFFERENT.
some ppl just prefer to calm down ON THEIR OWN.
if you keep persisting, i will really get irritated with you.
tho i know you guys meant well..

if you so wna know what happened,
okay i tell you.
ive lost a gd frn, forever.
she's in another world now.
but i know she'll be happy thr..
but i really miss her.. & i'll have this greatest regret wimme for the rest of my life..

this time, even jogging didnt helped in clearing my mind..
I was stoning at home, with all the thoughts & memories of us,
running past my mind..
so to stop myself from thinking further,
i went for my jog at 4pm,
hoping that it makes me stop thinking.
end up..
i kept on thinking while jogging..

"even when you're not okay ay all, fake it til you're okay. Fake your positivity, fake your smile.. fake it all til it becomes real again." -Ting

"The tragedy of life is not that it ends soon, but that we wait so long to begin it." -Ting

"death ends a life, but not a relationship" -Khoo

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