f Forty Three.-Disney PIXAR: 'UP' the movie!


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Forty Three.-Disney PIXAR: 'UP' the movie!

July 28, 2009 /

[Blogger seems to be down! zzzzzzzz. I dont see the options for uploading photos or videos! But since the deadline for this is in 45 mins time, I shall just carry on without the video & photos!]
Blogger is working already. FINALLY.

OKAY! First, take a look at the TRAILER!

Dont you think it seems really interesting?? Truth be told, I'm not usually a fan of cartoon kinda movies, except some real good ones. & no doubt, this definitely belongs to the latter category!

Why do the two main characters interest me??
Firstly, to me, Carl is a really headstrong 78 years old man, who seems to be very determined about his plan(his lifelong dream!).
In this short trailer, you can already sense that he's just an old man who does not tolerate any "nonsense" or "obstacles" that hinders his dream. The way he replies Russell with a definite & strong "NO!", doesnt that reminds you of someone real in life(prolly your Dad, Mum, Grandma or even Grandpa) who always answers in the exact same tone?!

But I guess, everyone has an Achilles' Heel.
& Carl met his! It's none other than........ RUSSELL, a 8 year old boy who just wanna have some fun & excitement! This interesting boy is definitely gonna bring loads of laughter & joy to the whole movie! (The way he innocently said, "OOPS!" when he dropped his device, already made me laugh man!)
Eventually, Carl (reluctantly) allowed Russell to enter his house & embark on the adventure together with him.
I feel that Carl is actually a very soft-heartened kinda old man..

How would Carl react & response to the actions of this energetic & bubbly young boy along the adventure? Would Russell create nothing but troubles? Or would Russell be of a great help to Carl in achieving his dream?? Most importantly, would this interesting pair be able to spark some chemistry along the journey & become the best partners?

A short trailer like this leaves me wondering & really curious about how the story continues for 78 year old Carl & 8 year old Russell!

Introducing other characters: Dunk, the talking dog, & Kevin, the 13 foot tall flightless bird!

So........... remember to catch this show when it's out in the cinema on 7th Aug!

“UP in Singapore Cinemas opening 7th August 2009”

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