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Forty One.

July 17, 2009 /

Hi I'm back.

Well. The past 2 weeks had been real hectic,
with a mixture of good & bad happenings..

& I thank my loves, my khakis(Min + Jesley), the closer ones,
& all other frns,
who had been so patient wimme,
accepting my hostility, tolerating me,
cheering me up in your very own ways..
esp to Ting who managed to be the first to crack me up.
I'm real lucky & definitely blessed to have you all in my life. :)

First, was the departure of a good frn aka my special frn,
She's left me, left us, to a another world.
So many things left unsaid,
so many experiences left unshared,
so many & so much more..

regrets that'll haunt me for the rest of my life..

but girl,
listen to me, like you'd always did,
head to whr you shld be at now, & be happy.

you'll always remain in that special corner of my heart,
which you've alr occupied since years ago..

Been going to FSA almost everyday.
After Sat, we can finally have a good break!!
No more gg thr everyday ;p

ohhyea, maybe heading to Bintan with the lovely girls,
Mr T, the guys, Keiko san, the cartoonist & a few more..
for dance trng supposedly? *shrugs*
tentatively, set on 28th 29th 30th aug i think..
by then, Year 2 Sem1 would have started..
but since it's over the wkn, shld be of no prob..
need this short getaway too i guess!

shopping trip tdy = rush madness.
stress level = 100
shopping has always been a chore for me anw...........
hahah its so freaking tiring!!
you walk rounds & rounds.....
it gets even more tiring when you cant find the stuff you want!
nevertheless it was still fun with jingjing & sexy+cute aiLEEN ard.
HHAHAH came home & ate my aixin dinner by Mummee :)
Sunday gna support mireen for her concert.
xiaomeimei, add oil!

its gna be a hectic wkn ahead.......
looking fwd to HUAT AH cum SLEEPOVER on sat
at Birdie's place tho!
& sentosa on Sun mrng with my fellow drm fighters + Mr T + Yamato.

Ohya! Had my first driving lesson tdy.
He's sucha busy man, I cant have my second lesson next week.

Wassup for me next?
may be working from 24th-31st, that is if I can get the assignment.
& then from 1st Aug onwards, all the way til 15th,
I'll be busy with MSI'09 stuff,
which includes the numerous classes to attend,
the fitting sessions for the evening gown, swim wear, sports wear, heels,
the facial, the manicure + pedicure sessions. -.-

sch starts on 11th Aug. GOOD GAME.
cant you sense it's gna be here, real soon?
What have I done from 24th Apr til now?
I wonder............ seriously.

Now, tell me what exactly is gg through your mind, won't you?

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