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Twenty Six.

June 25, 2009 / ,

Today is.........
猪 Mummee's 50th Bday!!
i just finished baking muffins & brownies!

Muffins, was a "cheated" one this time round.
cause i bought the pre-mixed kinda.

*eh, the tops looked white, but they were actually slight brown. ;D

as for brownies, it was my first attempt!!
& i wna say.....
it was a success!!
i like the chewyness, JUST NICE! ;D

Referred to the recipe from HHB,
one of my fav sites.
But did some modifications,
& didnt follow the steps at all ;x

My habit is that,
i'll always reduce the amt of oil & sugar from any recipes i use,
cause i dont wna Mummee to eat too oily/sweet
stuff. & we both dislike them to be too sweet. ;D

So after reducing the amt of oil (120ml to 80ml)
& sugar by quite a lot,
200g of light brown sugar to appx 140g,
i still find it way too sweet!!
must be the choco.
i couldnt find any other baking choco,
cause i went to the supermarket
at like 9.58pm when it closes at 10pm.

HAHAH. so i guess the choco i bought aint even semi-sweet.
most likely it's (very)sweetened..........
nevertheless, i really like the texture. ;D
*savouring now!

*with flash

*w/o flash

hope Mummee will like them too! :)
but then....... am gna restrict the no of brownies
she eats, cause they're really too sweet.

hahahah fyi, i always nag at her when she consumes too much
unhealthy stuff.
cause it's really impt for her at this age,
to watch her diet,
esp with health issues.
i love her too much to the fact that
im usually behaving/controlling her more like
im her mum instead ;p

& the gd thing is,
she doesnt gets irritated or whatsoever with me,
cause she knows i want the best for her. :)
but she does pouts at times (yes!)
& always goes,
or "吃一点而已!”
then I will always say,
"你每次都说 '久久一次', 可是你的'久', 根本一点都不'久'!!"


Anw, went Fort Canning Park for Pignick Picnic with Exclusives tdy!
Despite the spoiler rain,
we still had lotsa fun!
will update abt it soon, with photos! :)

Going for Crystal Jade Steamboat Buffet,
later in the evening! (Sis's treat. HAHAH)
Didnt know that C.J has steamboat buffet............

Am i the only sua ku/noob one,
or are you just the same as me? ;D
  1. haha awww.

    will you bake brownies for me next time too
    <3 <3


  2. you can be my Godma maybe! HAHAHAH jk!

    wait til i develope a great recipe first! else i dont dare to let you try!

  3. do you sell?? i wanna buy!! it looks great!!!:D