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Twenty Seven. -Singtel BroadBand on Mobile Youth Plan!!

June 25, 2009 /

Ever wanted to have internet connection EVERYWHERE you go?! Esp the Twitter Addicts? Or the ones very dependent on search engines like Google?! There you go!

This blog entry will be solely about the locations that I feel, should & MUST have the internet connection! & which plan can make your wish come true at a very affordable price?!

Needless to say,
it has to be Singtel BroadBand on Mobile Youth Plan!

So here it goes.........
Location 1: Robinsons/Metro/BHG in shopping centres

For Part-Timers/Reliefs like ME, who gets so BORED @ work, basically stoning for 8hrs....... Especially so if the place is like a GHOST TOWN with lil' customers! You'll desperately need the source of entertainment!

P.S No Handphones are allowed, but all you need is some "SKILL" to use it 'discreetly'. ;D

Location 2: Toilet!

"Why on Earth would anyone bring their Handphones to the TOILET?!"
Sry, but I do! (& some of my frns tooooooo!)

You know, like if I'm facing some difficulties with my Big Business, aka Constipation, I can prolly make use of the internet connection to search for jokes online to relax myself a lil'! Okay, that was sucha joke. But yea, I just love the idea of surfing the net while sitting on the toilet bowl!

Location 3: Bus Stops/Bus Interchange/In the Bus/MRT!

**This is an ultra IMPORTANT location(s)!!
You know, sometimes I hafta wait up to HALF AN HR for a bus...... To stop myself from cursing & nagging, the internet access shall come to the rescue! (blogspot to rant it out perhaps!)
& prolly for the poor guys, who are used to waiting damn long for their girlfriends (or vice versa?), a mobile internet access will be just what we ALL need!!

Location 4: Food Courts/Hawker Centres/Coffee Shops

If I'm at one, which is well-known for all sorts of yummylicious food, I'll definitely want to search online (e.g. ieatishootipost) for the exact stall & also the preview of the food to help me decide, when I'm so spoilt with choices!
Next, while I wait impatiently patiently for the food to arrive
( >20mins, usually?) I can simply use Facebook & MSN to kill the boredom + hunger! ( A Hungry man is an angry man!!)

Actually, I still have manymany more locations that I wish I can have access to the internet at.
. So that I can search online on how to do the RAIN DANCE, to chase away the RAIN whenever it approaches & interrupts our netball trainings/matches!

SWIMMING POOL/GYM. when I'm happily sun-tanning or gymming & I see any good-looking guy with a great physique....... I can happily mention it to my khakis & buddies, & feel excited like a 14yr old girl once more. HAHAH shit i just destroyed my usual image of The Cool One, who appears to be not so interested in guys. HAHHA

CINEMAS. So that I can search for movie timings at the other cinemas, if the one that I'm at does not have the suitable timings! SO TRUE RIGHT! this is like how damn impt location too man!

& the list goes on & on & on.............

Basically, you will really want access to the internet EVERYWHERE!

So, WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR? All you need is.........

Live Life Online Anywhere with SingTel BroadBand on Mobile Youth Plan! Visit www.singtel.com/youth for details NOWWWWWWWW!!

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