f Twenty Nine. -Canon Selphy Printer SS


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Twenty Nine. -Canon Selphy Printer SS

July 5, 2009 /

it's ULTRA simple man!

Yes! it's none other than this cool set of
Canon IXUS 95 IS Camera AND Canon Selphy CP780 Photo Printer!!
Walao, damn shiok la. you can print your own photos!
(I wish I can be the winner anyway!)

Hahah okay. So, very simple. All you hafta do is:

1. click on this advert:

P.S If you cant see it, you can also find it right on top, at the left column, under
"Pls help me by clicking the ads!"

2. & then click on VOTE.

You can then read the entries for all 6 bloggers.

Vote for the one you feel that best deserve to win!
(The best entry, best pictures taken, best descriptions mentioned, etc.)
In short, the one you like the most. :)

3.Fill in some basic details.

4.& TADAH, done! Cross your fingers & pray hard that you win!

Gogo! Click on it NOW!!

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