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June 4, 2009 /

Okay. Now I don't even needa make decision.
I was told ytd that the boss wanted someone
who can work for at least 6mths,
so I dont even hafta report back to IMC alr.
good or bad?

anw, we won our second game. :)
first game on last sat against BlazeFlame was won with 36-28.
ytd's game against Clique was won with 41-29.
stamina stamina, pls come to mama........

hmmm. so my family & I are
gna face a major change in our lives soon..
prolly in 2 or 3 mths' time, not really sure yet.
& I really don't know how my life will be from then on..
things, will be so different..
& all I can say is,
I'll just hope for the better outcome to occur.
time shall prove it all..
& I think I took this in rather well this time.

but you know,
while I feel that usually I'm quite
adaptable to changes,
I'm also the type who'll like,
visit the same toilet cubicle at my workplace,
just because I prefer it that way.
idk why tho.
hahah. I wont say that I like/dislike changes,
but at least I just try to adapt to them,
with the additions of some naggings here & thr of course.

We don't always get to have things done the way
we wanted, in fact, most of the times we don't.

nobody has the obligation to listen to your demands,
nobody has to tolerate your temper or unreasonable attitude,
nobody has to please you all the time &
do according to what pleases you.
& it works the other way round too.

you dont have any obligation to listen others' demands,
you dont have to tolerate others' unreasonable attitude,
you dont have to please others all the time & do things their way.

which is why,
we all learn to give & take.
you need a balance of both.
& of course, this is when changes come in too.
you make certain adjustments here & thr,
based on situations..
you learn when to give,
or when to take..

actually I know my entry is not v well-linked,
but, doesnt matter anw.

anyhow, trng tmr night! :)
I like how we're getting back on track tgt,
I like how we're continuing to encourage & motivate each other,
despite any obstacles or misunderstandings we rcv.
Let's just all work hard tgt,
for actions speak louder than words.
Let's all SHINE on crt.!

Alrighty. Gna bathe alr..
still thinking abt the major change tho..
has been on my mind for the past 1-2 wks alr..
oh well.

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