f Nine. -The Things I want to do with my family!


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Nine. -The Things I want to do with my family!

May 20, 2009 /

You know, I've always admired those families with frequent
"family days" like a meal together at the restaurants,
or even a simple family outing to the Spore attractions,
to the shopping centres, or even a movie trip.
& all the family members
are so close to one another, & talk & laugh about anything under the sun.

I think the last time my family went out on an outing together,
was to the zoo when I was in Primary 3?
I really don't recall any such occasions after which..
No movie trips, no luxurious treats, no Kbox/Partyworld, etc.

Don't misunderstand me,
I'm very close to my Mum actually.
It's just that, perhaps what I can say is,
my family does not have the tradition of such
"quality family times" together, or whatever you name it.

So, "The Things I want to do with my family" may actually seem very simple & maybe cliche,
but it is something which I do not really see the chance of happening anyway..

In any case, a perfect Sunday for me.. Let's see.
(cause Sunday is usually labeled as Family Day, isn't it?)

Firstly, we'll all wake up in the morning,
let's say, like 7am?
& then we'll go for a morning exercise together!
ALL of us!

Oh, I forgot to introduce my family members.
They are:
Mummee, Dad, Sis, Bro-in-Law, & of course, ME!
& also, the latest addition to our family soon,
Kaitlyn, my dear princess niece. :)

Okay, so we can go for jogs around Woodlands estate, trekking,
cycling, swimming, gyming or even the Big Walk events
held monthly in my neighbourhood.
Don't you think it's really cool to see the whole family jogging together?
HAHAH, a lil' funny though.
I really think that frequent exercise is important,
& I really do like the idea of all my family members
keeping fit & staying healthy TOGETHER. ;D

Well, after which,
would be a nice breakfast together.
There is no need for expensive breakfast,
heck the Swe*s*n's/Delifr**ce, etc.
Just a simple meal at the coffee shops, hawker centres,
or perhaps Macs would be good enough for me.

Over at breakfast,
we can talk & share about anything that happened to us
for the past week, our thoughts, etc.
Quality family time, is what I yearn for.

Then, we can head home, for a shower.
& perhaps some nap time.

So what do we do for the rest of the day?
we can just rent some VCDs home to watch together;
go for shopping trips;
visit the Spore attractions,
like Sentosa, Zoo, Spore Flyer, the various Museums,
etc, etc;
movie @ the cinema;
food-hunt! (like being the food critics for all the supposedly famous food );
or even a day trip to Msia.

We'll end off the day with a home-cooked dinner.
I've always love home-cooked food,
especially Mummee's.
Sis & I will help Mum in the preparation,
(let the ladies take charge!)
& then once again, we'll all sit around the small table of ours,
& enjoy a simple meal together.

Well well, that's the things I want to do with my family.
Tell me, it ain't demanding at all, right?

But such a simple wish,
appears as a beautiful/perfect scenario to me,
something which I'll always picture in my mind,
yet wonders when will it ever happen.
The exercise regime itself will be totally impossible actually.
Due to the laziness of my other family members,
& also due to health issues like Arthritis (hence no strenuous exercises)

Oh, to add on,
I will really love to see the family going on an overseas trip together.
None of us has traveled on the plane for holidays before!
Dad has taken the plane before,
but in his army days. HAHAH.
Ahh, how nice it'd be............!

Alright, so why did I write a whole post on
"the things I want to do with my family!" ?
Basically, it's a contest which gives me the chance to win myself
SEVEN tickets to bring my family members
to one of these:

1) Singapore Flyer
2) Singapore River Cruise
3) Rhino Tour
4) Hippo Tour
5) Hippo River
6) Chinatown Heritage Centre

& guess what?
you can take part too!
have fun blogging about
the things YOU want to do with YOUR family!

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